Appreciation for FAIRMED's Rural Health Improvement Project

Rural Health Improvement Project (RHIP II) -- being implemented by FAIRMED Nepal in six municipalities/rural municipalities of Baglung district with Bhimapokhara Youth Club (BYC) as its implementing partner -- has received letters of appreciation from two local governments in the project area for providing support to tackle COVID-19.

The two municipalities handed over letters of appreciation to the project for providing essential medical supplies to health facilities within the municipal areas to help them in their fight against the coronavirus infection.

"This Letter of Appreciation has been handed over to the Rural Health Improvement Project (RHIP), carried out by BYC Baglung/FAIRMED Foundation, highly assessing its support to health facilities within this municipality by providing essential medical supplies and technical support for infection prevention and control during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis," states the letter from municipal offices of Galkot Municipality and Dhorpatan Municipality in Baglung.

With the country being hit by a massive second wave of COVID-19, FAIRMED Nepal started working in its project areas to assist the overwhelmed health facilities in managing infection and combating the crisis.

The project handed over medical supplies including pulse oximeters, nebulizers, surgical masks, KN95 masks, sanitizer, face shields, surgical caps, surgical gloves, shoe covers, medical oxygen regulators/pipes, full PPE sets, disinfectant, Venturi face masks, reservoir bag masks, disposable gloves, among other items to the health facilities in six municipalities/rural municipalities of the district.

Support was provided to health institutions of Dhorpatan Municipality, Galkot Municipality, Nisikhola Rural Municipality, Tamankhola Rural Municipality, Badigad Rural Municipality, and Bareng Rural Municipality, with some additional material support to Health Office, Baglung.

In addition to the aforementioned health supplies, RHIP also provided two units of oxygen concentrators and home isolation kits in the project areas as part of its COVID-19 intervention.