Field Staff Braves Infection Fear to Save Lives

FAIRMED Foundation Nepal has been supporting the local government in its working areas in preparedness and response against COVID-19.

On 15th June just before noon, women in the quarantine center in Shree Gyanendra Secondary School at Nishikhola Rural Municipality of Baglung started panicking when one occupant of the centre Raimati BK started suffering from labour pain. They immediately sought for help and before any arrangement could have been made, she gave birth to a baby. She received little help from other occupants due to fear of Corona virus infection. Raimati was bleeding heavily and the placenta was still inside. The newly born baby was struggling with respiration. As soon as this news reached social mobilizer of RHIP-II project Gyan Kumari Budha and In-charge of local community health unit Diya Sunar, without delay they reached the centre with necessary delivery kit to help the mother and the child. Though there wasn’t any available Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), the duo decided to risk infection and go for help after donning minimum protection including face mask and gloves. First they cut the navel cord and help pull placenta out. After giving necessary medication to the mother, the baby was wiped clean with a piece of clean cloth and was kept against chest of mother to make the baby warm. After a while the respiration of baby eased. When everything was under control, the baby boy was weighed and had normal weight. The mother along with her baby was sent for home quarantine after swab was collected to test for Covid-19.

Till then the unit in-charge Ms Sunar and the social mobilizer Gyan Kumari Budha has also been requested to remain in home quarantine until the PCR report of postpartum mother is revealed. This vital support from RHIP-II social mobilizer was highly praised by the unit in-charge Diya Sunar while health coordinator Top Bahadur Chand, East Nishi health post in-charge Bhumi Raj Gharti Magar, elected local representatives, local health post in-charge Juni Gharti Magar, in-charge of local police station, family of the postpartum mother and the community people expressed their gratitude for saving lives of the mother and the baby.