Sample Collection Support in Kapilvastu

FAIRMED in Kapilvastu supports Health Office for the sample collection of people staying in quarantine.

Health Office, Kapilvastu formed a District Rapid Response Team for COVID-19 response where FAIRMED is one of the active members. The team planned for sample collection of people living in quarantines of all municipalities. As of May 12, 2020, the team completed the sample testing in eight municipalities. FAIRMED provided field-level support in six municipalities namely – Mayadevi Rural Municipality, Buddhabhumi Municipality, Maharajgunj Municipality, Krishnanagar Municipality, Kapilvastu Municipality and Shivaraj Municipality. During the sample collection, FAIRMED provided transportation support of VTM from Provincial Health Logistic Management Center to Health Office, Kapilvastu and the concerned municipalities. Along with this, FAIRMED also provided support for the recording and reporting of patients and labelling of the collected swabs. Among the total sample collected, 29 have been tested positive so far and the response team is planning for sample collection in the remaining two municipalities as well. However, the COVID-19 focal person at the Health Office Mr. Kumar Thapa do not limit this support to mere logistic and technical support.
He admitted that the presence of Fairmed has provided much-needed encouragement to the health workers who are on their duty putting themselves into risk.

“In the situation where the health workers themselves are reluctant to work and not many I/NGOs are present for the support, FAIRMED has been supporting us in every step to combat COVID-19 from the beginning. Not only for the logistics and technical support but their companionship has given us a sense of security and encouragement to work”, Mr. Thapa expresses his gratitude towards FAIRMED.