Partnership Program with Government: Leadership and Empowerment Training for Deputy Mayors

 FAIRMED in collaboration with provincial governments and local partners, conducted a leadership capacity development workshop for deputy mayor and vice-chairperson in Rupandehi, Morang and Jhapa districts.


The workshop was tailored to strengthen the leadership capacity, to sensitize the service providers on their roles and responsibilities, and to increase budget allocation for marginalized group. After decentralization, the responsibility to administer justice has been transferred to the local level but the local level government staff are undertrained to deliver the services which creates frustration among the public while seeking service. Optimally, we believe these workshops conducted in partnership with the government formally blends resources of government and ours which can build a critical mass of resources and strategies to enhance caring communities that support and promote health for all.

The local level deputy mayors and vice presidents expressed that they have been administering justice with skepticism due to lack of proper training. They admitted feeling more confident about administering justice after attending the training sessions. The training intended to contribute to the effective implementation of the rights and responsibilities given to the local level. The training topics included constitution, local government, powers and use of judicial committee, justice administration process, application, recommendation framework, constitutional and legal process for women, role of local level in providing access to justice for the underprivileged, duties and rights of local registrar, dispute resolution through conciliation.