Treatment of neonates with health complexities possible in Kapilvastu now

Treatment of newborns with serious health complications was not possible in Kapilvastu. Parents used to take neonates suffering from such ailments elsewhere for treatment where, they had to bear the burden of increased medical expenses and other difficulties.

Neo-nate with Jaundice receiving the service

These days, treatment for  health complications affecting newborns is available at Kapilvastu district hospital, thanks to the establishment of a Special Newborn Care Unit(SNCU) established with the support of Maternal and Neonatal Project implemented by FAIRMED in the district. The project provided the unit of 1.5 million rupees for renovation and procurement of necessary equipment. In the context of federal context, FAIRMED initiated for the close coordination with local authorities and was able to mobilize the local budget of  municipality. Kapilvastu Municipality provided the financial assistance for the management of  hospital garden, installation of air condition and other facilities.

The unit provides treatment for neonates suffering from low birth weight, hypothermia, jaundice, and breathing problems. It also treats neonates in unconscious state, babies with low glucose levels and those suffering from loss of blood. The hospital  provides free treatment to babies, up to 28 days old and are suffering from complex health problems.

The SNCU was inaugurated in June 2018. During the two months’ time, five cases of premature birth, low birth weight, asphyxia, jaundice have been admitted and utilized the service. The hospital  now is witnessing large number of patients from across the district and also from the adjoining districts.