About us


We are based in Bern and work together with a board of trustees and a board of control. Our country offices in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal are staffed exclusively by locals. We fund our projects with donations and bequests from private individuals and contributions from institutions.


FAIRMED's vision is a world, in which all human beings have access to medical support, irrespective in which neglected tropical diseases are extinct through necessary interventions. It is a world, in which no-one is discriminated against nor excluded by society due to disease or disability.


FAIRMED's mission is to improve the accessibility of basic health care services to the people in remote or neglected areas. The quality of basic health care promotes and improves the well-being of persons who are disadvantaged, thereby contributing to break the vicious cycle of poverty and disease.


With dedication and conviction, our team in Nepal is committed to helping the poorest of the poor.

Partners and networks

The work of FAIRMED is supported by cooperating partners and sponsoring institutions. FAIRMED contributes to the international exchange of knowledge through participation in networks of non-governmental organizations.

About us

We go to the ends of the earth for sick people. Since 1959, we have been committed to ensuring that nobody has to suffer or die from a curable disease.


FAIRMED – formerly Leprosy Relief Emmaus Switzerland – began as an anti-leprosy organization. In the course of our work in the world’s poorest regions, we also began to focus on other diseases. Among others, we expanded our involvement with numerous neglected tropical diseases.

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