Partners and networks

Partners and networks

The work undertaken by FAIRMED is supported by cooperating partners and sponsoring institutions. FAIRMED works closely with local governments, ministries of health, and communities.

Implementing Partners

FAIRMED works together with the following partners:





Networks and Collaboration

FAIRMED has colloborations and networks with various government and non governmental organizations and engages in a continuous exchange of information on how to promote health and alleviate poverty.

Epidemeology and Disease Control Division (EDCD)





Leprosy Control Division and Disability Focal Unit (LCD)

Family Health Division (FHD)



Child Health Division (CHD)

Safe Motherhood and New- born Sub-committee (SMNSC) of FHD

Health Cluster Team (HCT) of MoH

National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN)

Nepal Red Cross Society

Spinal Injury and Rehabilitation Center (SIRC)

Association of International NGOs (AIN)


Swiss NGOs Network