Health for people with disabilities

Health for People with Disabilities

People living with disabilities suffer from numerous problems including limited access to basic health care services. FAIRMED is bringing them in the forefront of development by raising awareness, reducing discrimination, and building disability friendly infrastructures through its Disability Inclusive Development (DID) strategy.

Disability in Nepal

In Nepal, disability is often viewed as ‘punishment for sinful past lives’. A person with disability is perceived as someone who ‘brings shame’ to the family while society lacks empathy.

They suffer from both physical and mental health issues, lack key information, and have only minimal access to health services, education, employment, public infrastructure, and other amenities. Their needs, rights and access to vital amenities including basic health care are often ignored.

FAIRMED believes that the issue of disability is a common challenge that needs to be addressed by all. We believe that strategic interventions are necessary to address the existing gaps between policy provisions and implementation, raise awareness, reduce discrimination, and build disability friendly infrastructures to bring people with disability in the forefront of development.