Bridging Gaps and Building Networks: Empowering Persons with Disabilities

In an initiative aimed at fostering inclusivity and empowering persons with disabilities (PWDs), FAIRMED Foundation Nepal, in collaboration with various NGOs and the National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal (NFDN), organized a one-day district-level workshop on disability issues in Nawalparasi, Kapilvastu, and Rupandehi. This workshop not only shed light on the challenges faced by PWDs but also paved the way for transformative change.

The workshop served as a nexus for representatives from different Organizations for Person with Disabilities (OPDs), NGOs, and local government bodies. Its primary objective was clear: to create a supportive network for PWDs and establish connections with organizations working towards disability empowerment. This initiative was a testament to the belief that collaboration is the key to dismantling barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Achievements and Challenges

During the workshop, OPDs had the opportunity to showcase their achievements and discuss the hurdles hindering their progress. Many organizations shared success stories, such as celebrating International Disability Day for the first time and collaborating with municipalities for health camps and assistive devices distribution. However, challenges persisted, particularly in the issuance of disability cards, which are crucial for accessing various subsidies and services.

Forging Partnerships for Change

A significant highlight of the workshop was the active participation of organizations like The Leprosy Mission to Nepal (TLM), UMN, and INF. These organizations have been actively working to provide job opportunities, vocational training, livelihood support, and income generation activities for PWDs. Their collaboration with FAIRMED Foundation Nepal showcased the power of partnerships in driving meaningful change.


NFDN's Commitment and Recommendations

The presence of NFDN representatives, Mr. Humnath Adhikari and Mr. Manoj Pangeni, infused the workshop with energy and purpose. NFDN pledged to establish district chambers, enabling OPDs to coordinate, register, and receive essential training, strengthening their role in disability advocacy. Additionally, the workshop attendees emphasized the need for regular sensitization programs for disability coordination committees at the local level and the implementation of effective monitoring mechanisms within Palikas.

A Call to Action: Shaping an Inclusive Future

The workshop represents more than just a meeting; it symbolizes a collective effort to create an inclusive future for PWDs in Nepal. The shared determination, proactive partnerships, and informed discussions have set the stage for transformative change. As we move forward, let us echo the workshop participants' spirit and commitment, working hand in hand to bridge gaps, build networks, and empower every person with disabilities, ensuring they have equal access to opportunities, services, and, most importantly, dignity. Together, we can create a Nepal where everyone, regardless of ability, thrives and contributes meaningfully to society.