Basic Neglected Tropical Disease(NTD) training to FCHVs of Sisawa Health Post

Eleven Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) of Sisawa Health Post, Maharajgunj Municipality participated in the training which was focused on sign/symptoms, preventive measures, treatment and self-care techniques of soil-transmitted helminths, leprosy and lymphatic filariasis.

EHP and Maharajgunj Municipality jointly organized the two-days basic NTDs training on March 12-13, 2020 which was facilitated by the health facility in-charge Mr Begpal Chaudhary with the aim of improving knowledge and skills of FCHVs and promoting their role in raising community awareness related to NTDs in health mothers’ groups and community people and referring suspected cases for early diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, FCHVs are expected to be able to deliver their skill on self-care for NTD affected people for disability prevention at the household and community levels. Till date, the project has already delivered the training to 235 FCHVs from 16 project targeted health facilities.