Disability Mapping Data Handover

FAIRMED Foundation Nepal handed over the disability data to Disability Upliftment Society (DUS), a wing of National Federation of Disabled Nepal (NFDN) in presence of chief guest Sr. Vice President of NFDN Mr. Devi Pokharel on September 13, 2018. FAIRMED in coordination with NFDN conducted a disability mapping survey in six municipalities and four rural municipalities of Kapilvastu district to address the provision mentioned in Disability Act 2017, Section-six that every municipality should create data base record of people with disabilities living in municipality. If the name is not listed in data, then government will not abide to provide government provisions/facilities to the people with disabilities. The objective of the survey was to identify the number, types, causes and socio economic status of people with disabilities in the district. From the survey, 5093 number of people with disabilities were identified. Among them, 50.36% are with physical disabilities, 8.4% with mental disabilities and 13.52 % with multiple disabilities.

Disability Upliftment Society (DUS) has formed a disability committee in each ten municipalities of Kapilvastu. Therefore, the data will help disability committee of municipality for planning, budgeting and networking to solve the issues related to people with disabilities. Furthermore, it will also support them to help people with disabilities to access the service provisioned by the government. The data is handed over to DUS with an agreement that DUS will maintain the confidentiality, protect the data and use it for securing rights and well-being of people with disabilities in upcoming days.